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Bioclock Battle Application " JUST!!! "

This app, " JUST!!! ", is a very simple game where you stop the count after a
set number of seconds.
But " JUST!!! " 's best feature is multiplayer mode.
Play with up to five people on the iPhone! Or you can play with up to 11 people
on the iPad!
Using rock-paper-scissors to make a decision with a large group takes a long time,
but using " JUST!!! " you can decide who wins in one go!!
It's even more fun playing at a club meeting, on a group date, or with the family!!
When playing alone, messages are displayed from characters on the results screen.
If you stop it at just the right second, be sure to submit a message!!

compatible with iPhone3GS,iPhone4,iPod Touch 3rd/4th Gen,iPad,iPad2

Requires iOS4.0 or later

If you have any questions or commnets about "JUST!!!", feel free to send us an email.