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" JUST!!! DX " is the Body Clock Battle application " JUST!!! " with additional multi-player functionality via Bluetooth.

" JUST!!! " is an extremely simple game that tests the accuracy of your internal body clock.

The greatest feature of " JUST!!! " is that it can be played with lots of people.
On the iPhone, it can be played by a maximum of 5 people! And on the iPad, it can be played by an amazing maximum of 11 people!

" JUST!!! DX " has additional multi-player functionality via Bluetooth, allowing a maximum of 44 people to play simultaneously, assuming you have 4 iPads available.
(If you are using iPhones, you can have 4 devices with up to 5 players each, giving you a maximum of 20 players.)

When you want to make a decision about something among a large number of people, doing a game of rock-paper-scissors can take some time, but with " JUST!!! DX " you can choose a winner straight away after just one round.

We know for sure that playing this game with your friends and family, at events or parties, will get everyone even more excited.

In "One Player" mode, the result screen displays a character that sends you message. Stop it after the exact number of seconds and try making it display that message!

■New Functionality in the DX Version

・Enjoy multi-player games by connecting to other iPhones, iPads and iPod touches via Bluetooth. ※ We recommended playing with up to 4 devices. The number of devices that are able to play may vary depending on the environment (radio wave interference, etc.) ・Displays different types of fingerprints at random.

※※※Caution and Usage Guidelines※※※

1.) When playing over Bluetooth, please ensure you apply the following settings.
Sometimes, the game may not be able to start.

Settings > General > Bluetooth: make sure it is turned ON.

2.) There may be some interference with the standard functionality provided by iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, causing the multi-player functionality not to work correctly. So, please ensure you apply the following settings.

Setting > General > Accessibility > Zoom: make sure it is turned OFF.

For the iPad only, as well as the above:
ing > General > Accessibility > Multitasking Gestures : make sure it is turned OFF.

compatible with iPhone3GS,iPhone4,iPod Touch 3rd/4th Gen,iPad,iPad2

Requires iOS4.0 or later

If you have any questions or commnets about "JUST!!!DX", feel free to send us an email.